Sunday, July 6, 2008

posts to check out...

  • Jason Clark has a new post at The Church and Postmodern Culture on Ecclesia as Res Publica.  I think it makes a lot of good points about how we approach ecclesiology, an aspect of theology that I've been intending to post on at some point with my own pet peeves.  Some quotes that I thought were especially insightful:

"I am beginning to wonder whether there is in fact some giveness to ecclesiology, whether the flexible ecclesiologies of emerging culture have more to do with the historicism and voluntarism that reduces organisations to cultural artefacts – not just in terms of some existential ontological priority, but also in terms of performative actions and practices."

"Yet in trying to get at and to that ‘giveness’, I want to assert that no ‘single institutional form or set of relations can claim finality of truthful expression of God’s order’, but there is a distinctiveness beyond how the Church appears and what it does that ‘lies in how God is present to and within the Church’."

Here I think are balanced the two poles with which any ecclesiology must wrestle.

  • DW Congdon has a post up at Fire and the Rose on Tabletgate: A Crisis for Christian Faith.  Israel Knohl of Hebrew University has an article out about an apocalyptic Jewish text that describes a messiah around the time of Jesus' birth who died and rose again after three days.  Knohl thinks that this "should shake our basic view of Christianity."  Congdon says yes, but only if our view of Christianity was seriously flawed to begin with.  A good read.


  1. so ecclesiology = theology of the church right? so theological perspective on the role of the church? I get the basic issues here - very anthropology-y - just need a basis in which to base my thoughts...