Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Disappearing Dogmatics?

This is not so much a substantive blog post as it is an open question.

I have a number of volumes from Barth's Church Dogmatics on my wishlist at Amazon. Or rather, I did. Suddenly they're all listed as "no longer available". These are hardcover volumes put out between 2000 and 2004. They still seem to be available at T&T Clark.

I know that there is a new 31 vol. paperback edition coming out at the end of the year (the complete set of this does seem to be listed on Amazon), but I'm not sure if T&T Clark has changed its policy or relationship with distributors to make the recent hardbacks suddenly unavailable. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks for any help. The publication of Barth these days is utterly confusing to me- too many editions and sets and digitizations to keep track of.


  1. Yeah, the previous edition has been withdrawn, to make way for the new paperback edition. So you'll probably have to rely on second-hand bookstores if you want to complete your hardcover set.

  2. Thanks, Ben. They seem available at T&T Clark still- do you know whether they actually are, or whether the catalog simply isn't updated?

  3. Hi Evan,

    this is Tom from T&T Clark. I am sorry about the confusion, but believe I can explain what happened.

    There is the old 14 volume edition of the Church Dogs which is still available in hardback and paperback (should be available through Amazon too, but I have not checked).

    A couple of years ago there was talk about a new edition being prepared by PTS which then was announced by T&T as a hardback version - rather premturely, to be honest. It is exactly these volumes you have added to your wishlist. They never came into existence as it became clear that PTS needed a bit more time to prepare the text. It was quite hard work to convince Amazon to take them off their side and I am glad they have actually done that now!!

    Once the text for the new edition was ready, we decided to put them out in paperback straight away, which is the new 31 volume set which has been announced.

    I hope this makes it all clear.

  4. Thanks, Tom. I'll be sure to pass this information on to others. This is a big help. And thanks again, Ben.

  5. Evan, you can see the new 31 vol edition on amazon here


  6. Thanks for the link, Jordan. I see you're from Wheaton- I work at the library here and was in undergrad and grad school at Wheaton as well.

    I'd also add, for people going to AAR and planning on buying the set anyway, there will supposedly be an even cheaper conference rate for the set.