Friday, September 5, 2008

Lewis Ayres on Wikipedia...

John P. of Vita Brevis reports that Lewis Ayres now has his own article on Wikipedia! Many thanks to the anonymous colleague who has done such a great service to all of us.

Check it out. As every academic knows, nothing is really true until it shows up on Wikipedia.


  1. OK, I read this in his wikipedia post:

    "Ayres is part of a rereading of Augustine's trinitarian theology that breaks with the older neoplatonic-centered account"

    I know this is something you're really interested in, but even after reading papers of yours on the subject I still confess I have no clue what this means. Could you give a brief synopsis?

  2. Thanks for the question... maybe I'll email you on it and devote a full post to the rereading when I can formulate some fuller thoughts about it.

    And, for a shameless plug to those reading the blog... you can check out my 2007 article, "The Johannine Logic of Augustine's Trinity: A Dogmatic Sketch" for a taste of what this rereading is like. I draw a lot from Ayres and Barnes, and hopefully do their own work some justice. Full citation for the article can be found in the link to my CV on the right side of the blog. Feel free to email me if you don't have access to Theological Studies from wherever you are.

  3. FYI - the "personal" section is a work in progress of all his recent and current students.

    Case in point: this morning there were only 6 entries; as of right now there are 11.

    Also, I tried the link to your CV but was unable to view it. Don't know if the problem was on my end or yours. perhaps it was your security settings?

  4. Thanks for letting me know, John. Everything should work now.