Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Theological Rawls

Eric Gregory had a great paper published last year in the Journal of Religious Ethics entitled: "Before the Original Position: The Neo-Orthodox Theology of the Young John Rawls". Gregory explored Rawls' 1942 senior thesis on sin, faith, and community against the later political liberalism characteristic of him. Worth the read. My very limited engagement with Rawls has instilled a sense that there is much to learn from his work even- and especially- where one might disagree with him on theological grounds. This increased attention to the thought of his student years will only put this point into sharper relief.

...and thankfully more attention can now be given to the earlier early Rawls. Harvard University Press has published his thesis, along with a late statement, "On My Religion," written towards the end of Rawls' life as an outline of his religious views and their development. The works are edited by Thomas Nagel, and analyses by Joshua Cohen and Robert Merrihew Adams are also included.

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