Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A few items...

  • Interesting developments on the canonical relationship between the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Orthodox Church of America. Along with the Anglican Communion, the complexities of world Orthodoxy are really paving the way for reflection on how to deal with transnational issues of ecclesial communion.
  • And speaking of the Anglican Communion... the ACNA announced yesterday the introduction of provisional canons and constitutions. (h/t Communion in Conflict)
  • I spoke a day too soon on Pitstick's book and subsequent dialogue; the latest issue of IJST came in to the library, and it features an essay by Pitstock as well as a related essay by Gavin D'Costa.


  1. "Said Jonah, derisively: 'I would submit that if we wanted a Pope, we would be under the real one.'''

    Ouch. All this gives me a headache. But it was easy to see it coming, what with the inevitable admixture of Americana and the Orthodox tradition.

  2. ...though I would venture to add, I think the nationalism elsewhere in global Orthodoxy is just as damaging as any influence of Americana. The American Orthodox attempt to defend their claims to autocephaly isn't necessarily any sort of Americanism pitted against the Orthodox tradition. I think it is just as much power politics throughout world Orthodoxy.