Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A few items...

  • Harvard Theological Review recently published its centennial issue. There are a few open access articles that offer some interesting thoughts on the future of the journal and religious studies scholarship; I'd recommend Clooney's article especially.
  • I was recently informed about Theological Librarianship, a new online journal from the American Theological Library Association. Among others, there's an article in the second issue by Nancy Falciani-White, a co-worker here at Buswell.
  • Continuum has an interesting series that they're introducing, Major Conservative and Libertarian Thinkers. I'm especially intrigued by volume 5, The Modern Papacy. Samuel Gregg, who is head of research at the Acton Institute, authors this volume. The interpretation of John Paul II's and Benedict XVI's conservatisms is characterized by opposing libertarian and communitarian readings, and the view from this particular series will surely lean libertarian. Still, the account should be fascinating. This volume as well as ones on Hume, Locke, Schumpeter, and Hobbes will be out on May 15, with more coming down the road (note especially the volume on the Salamanca School, for those interested in early modern scholasticism).