Monday, June 29, 2009

Caritas in Veritate

Caritas in Veritate is apparently finished and signed by the pope. It is not currently available to the public, and will apparently become available on July 6th or 7th.

There are some leaked excerpts available- follow the above link. The encyclical will discuss various social themes, and presumably build upon the theological foundations of Benedict XVI's first two encyclicals.

UPDATE: Caritas in Veritate has been published and can be viewed at the Vatican website. Ignatius Press will distribute the English translations in three different formats.


  1. I certainly hope not, considering your warnings on the matter! ;)

    My guess is that the pope theoblogging would not be a pretty sight.

  2. The pope can prattle on about love and charity as much as he likes---and it wont make the slightest bit of difference, because the church itself is rotten to the core.

    The church altogether has some very heavy historical baggage lurking just below its smiling face. Large scale institutional violence was, and still is, part and parcel of its identity altogether. And no amount of self-justifying theological explanations and rationalizations can alter this immutable fact.

    Or really the immutable negative KARMA of having been an integral participant in the Western imperial project and its drive to total power and control. It was involved in massive sustained theft and the creation of mountains of corpses.

    KARMA, because like all entities and collectives large or small, every negative action one does or participates in has IMMUTABLE future consequences.

    As you sow, you will thus inevitably reap

    Meaning that the universe operates on an entirely lawful basis and that everyone, large or small (individual or collective)inevitably gets their karmic just deserts.

    The pope can prattle on about love and charity as much as he likes.

    This stark image says all that needs to be said. The process thus depicted still continues. What do you think the invasion of Iraq was really all about?

  3. Um...

    1. the sow/reap point is from our book. Just in case we're keeping score.

    2. you do know that the pope opposed the invasion of Iraq, don't you?

    3. I don't care if posters use real names, pseudonyms, or go anonymous on my blog, but if you're going to write a scathing critique of an institution like the Catholic Church, speaking of KARMA in all caps, the anonymity certainly isn't doing anything to help your case. With identification comes a bit of rhetorical weight.