Friday, June 19, 2009

Lias: Sources and Documents Relating to the Early Modern History of Ideas

Lias covers early modern intellectual history, with a focus on sources and documents. While it doesn't appear to have a wide circulation and the website (see here) is rather uninformative, the first 31 volumes (1974-2004) are available in fulltext. There is also an index volume available in PDF covering 1974-1998, which may make searching easier. I came across this because of a recent article that my professor published in the journal, so I don't know how widely this journal is used by intellectual historians. But the work in it looks superb, as far as I can tell from my brief experience.

UPDATE: APA, the publisher of Lias, has kindly provided further information on the journal, which can be found here. Many thanks for this assistance.

UPDATE (May 2010): Lias is now being published by Peeters.


  1. Dear Mr Kuehn, more detailed information can de found on:

    Please attach this link to your blog text. Kind regards, APA.

  2. Hi Evan! It looks like Lias is now being published by Peeters Publishers in you, I have had difficulty finding much information about this title, but Peeters at least offer some basic contribution guidelines for authors:

  3. ...and I just noticed your recent post regarding that fact! Sorry to clog up your blog with redundant info!

  4. No problem, christian. I'm about to add the link to the new post to avoid confusion.