Thursday, June 4, 2009

New article...

I received the final version of my next article yesterday, and wanted to mention it here. It will be coming out in the next issue of the International Journal of Systematic Theology. I have a draft version up here that only differs from the final version in formatting and a few insignificant content details... apparently posting this is allowable with the publishing bigwigs.

Below is the citation and abstract. I think I'll be posting a bit more extensively on a few points that came up in the article when the ISJT issue comes out at the end of the month. Specifically I'd like to address the history of the sacrament of confirmation (my posts on Aidan Kavanagh allude to some of the problems that have been nagging me about this), and a question that came up during the review process concerning the relationship between official doctrinal teachings and the sensus fidelium.

Evan F. Kuehn, "'Fullness of the Spirit' and 'Fullness of Catholicity' in Ecclesial Communion", IJST 11.3 (2009), pp. 271-292.
In this article I will consider two terms central to post-conciliar
ecclesiology, both of which express different aspects of the ‘fullness’ of the
church. The ‘fullness of the Spirit’ is a biblical concept describing the pouring
out of the Spirit at Pentecost and in the historical sacrament of confirmation,
while the ‘fullness of catholicity’ is a more recent term employed in conciliar
and post-conciliar discourse to clarify the status of churches and ecclesial
communities within the church of Christ. After analyzing the origin and
development of each form of fullness, constructive interaction between the
two will allow for a critique of post-conciliar ecclesiological and ecumenical


  1. Looks interesting, Evan!

    Thankfully I live close to my alma mater's theological library; I'll let them pay for the journal ;-).

  2. You wouldn't happen to have a pdf you could send me, would you? Looks like an interesting article.

  3. Wiley-Blackwell allows me to share individual copies with "colleagues".

    If you interpret yourself as such, feel free to email me.

    evan.f.kuehn at