Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Study Hegel

A helpful instructional video that I just ran across on youtube--

And another good one!


  1. Thanks, I got a chuckle out 'em. The first video may have been a bit funnier were the gentleman to read that single page over the 1 min. period, signified by the downward motion of his head, and then lift his bewildered eyes back upward to the top of the page, re-reading it for another 1 min. period. And so on. That is, I believe, how it was on my first reading of Hegel

  2. I agree with Ben. Maybe that was why I was so unsuccessful as an officer in the philosophy club when I was an undergraduate. I should have said 'No Hegel'.

  3. Is this the Adam Myers from Wheaton? If so (since I haven't seen you around the office lately), this is an opportune time to thank you for your reading recommendations.

    I looked in to Fredrick Beiser, and actually started reading his German Idealism: The Struggle Against Subjectivism, 1781-1801. I figured that would provide some good introduction before getting into his Hegel volume that you mentioned. Hopefully I'll get through both during the summer. I just finished a book review I was working on, so I should have a little more time to get to other things now.