Friday, October 2, 2009

A few items...

  • Discussion of "unchurched believers" in recent polling. This sort of analysis offers an interesting response to certain atheists who have trumpeted the rising percentage of non-religious people in the U.S., but I think Hout and Fischer's piece still begs for a Balthasarian "churched unbelievers" response to its Rahnerian tone.
  • Ingrid Rowland's Giordano Bruno is out in paperback, with a cooler cover than the original hardback.
  • Loome Theological Booksellers is advertising "perhaps the largest selection of liturgical texts in the world" for sale.
  • A report from Ithaka on what libraries should be doing with their journal print holdings amidst the shift to digitization. I haven't read it so I don't have any thoughts on it, but it should be interesting.
  • Joshua Blanchard is in the midst of an in-depth review of John Loftus's Why I Became an Atheist. I don't personally tend to have a ton of interest in these sorts of apologetic questions, but Joshua's discussion is a must-read (as his blog always is). He's offered a very thoughtful critique, and Loftus has joined in (his responses are also a must-read, but for quite different reasons... he gets a bit perturbed over the course of the reviews, and it's all great spectator sport). The link above is to the initial post on the book, and it should be easy enough to follow through the more recent posts. Joshua isn't finished, so be sure to check back.
  • I don't tend to be a huge fan of blogs that have a "CC Blogs" label attached, but I think that Avdat gives an interesting response to a recent discussion between Halden and Adam on violence.

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