Saturday, November 7, 2009

A few items...

Many of you are in Montreal at AAR. I'm in St. Louis visiting family friends. Resorting to the good old pre-scheduled "A few items..." post seems in order for the weekend.

  • Communio: International Catholic Review is having a back issue sale. Remaining issues from 1986-2005 are $4 each.
  • Sean the Baptist points out some papers from that other conference that are available online.
  • Recommending books from Edwin Mellen is often treacherous business, and I have no idea of the quality of this title, but it may be worth noting that a new volume is out from their Schleiermacher series- the first to come out in five years or so.
  • Chris discusses epistemic certainty in light of a Roman Catholic critique of a recent book on sola scriptura.
  • Brill has announced its new open access program for journal articles. I can't imagine this will mean much change for most people publishing in theology, as the OA depends upon a payment that just won't be available for fields that don't depend so heavily on grant money. Nonetheless, worth noting.
  • The latest issue of the Journal of Anglican Studies is a theme issue on Lambeth 2008.
  • The Ecclesiological Investigations Research Network, which I presented a paper for at AAR 2007, has a new website up with some useful information for those interested in ecclesiology.

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  1. Thanks for the head nod, Evan. And thanks also for this great list—I'll be checking out the new JAS soon.