Friday, November 20, 2009

A few items...

  • In light of worries over new FTC guidelines, WorldCat points out their own book review system. This might be a helpful option for bloggers who do reviews frequently, and would provide a larger reader base for reviews that are re-posted to the WorldCat system.
  • The address given by Rowan Williams at the Willebrands Symposium in Rome is worth reading. I think this is Williams as we tend to appreciate him- one can't really blame him for a rather bland initial response to the Vatican when he was caught more or less by surprise last month. Here, however, he lays more out on the table. I think the central point comes in his statement concerning the constitution, "it is an imaginative pastoral response to the needs of some; but it does not break any fresh ecclesiological ground." Williams comes to Rome at the invitation of Kasper and the PCPCU, and this is actually a rather hopeful sign, in my opinion. The conference represents a significant insistence, both within parts of the Vatican and in other communions, that ecumenical dialogue will stubbornly move forward, despite setbacks from other ecclesiastical corners.
  • Some interesting news on collaborations between ProQuest and Scribd. It sounds like dissertations and theses from a number of universities will be available through Scribd, with 20% preview (more than what you can get now on ProQuest) and a $49 charge for the whole dissertation (which is actually a bit more expensive than current pricing at ProQuest). This seems to be good news for those who aren't at institutions with subsriptions to ProQuest. It is also apparently in response to objections raised by ProQuest against the recent Google settlements. Here is the press release from Scribd.
  • The journal Intellectual History Review is increasing from three to four issues a year beginning in 2010. This is always a good indicator for periodicals, and worth making a mental note of if you have an intellectual history piece and you're looking for a place to submit.


  1. Hmm... perhaps if I brush up these Loftus reviews...

  2. I don't know what WorldCat would make of that can of worms.