Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Divinity School updates...

Winter course...

This Winter Quarter I'll be taking one course at the Divinity School, which will mean only being on campus once a week and a nice break from the hectic schedule of Autumn semester (which involved three days a week in the city and still trying to squeeze in a 40 hour work week here in Wheaton).

I'm looking forward to my course- it's on "The Trouble With Time", and will be led by Willemien Otten and Susan Schreiner. Following is the description provided:

This course will focus on time and temporality as an issue at the heart of Christian thought, analyzing in particular different approaches to time in the early Christian, medieval and early modern period. In doing so the course will deal with such tensions as time's flux versus eternal standstill, the force of grace in predestination versus the embrace of fortune and fate, the epiphany of incarnation versus the inevitability of judgment, and apocalyptic violence versus divine impassibility, portraying Christianity over the course of its development as incorporating various perspectives at various times. Among the authors to be discussed are: Augustine, Boethius, Joachim of Fiore, Luther, and Calvin.

Judging by the syllabus, the course seems to be structured around a good selection of primary sources, with a heavy emphasis on commentaries of Genesis and the Psalms, as well as sermons and mystical or devotional writings. The two required secondary sources listed are Janet Coleman's Ancient and Medieval Memories: Studies in the Reconstruction of the Past and M.B. Pranger's “Killing Time: An Essay on the Monastic Notion of Speed,” in Medieval Monastic Preaching, ed. Carolyn Muessing (the chapter can be found here).

Theology Workshop...
I'd also like to mention two upcoming papers that will be presented at the Theology Workshop. Next Tuesday, January 12th, Kyle Rader will be presenting on "Twelfth Century Monks, Divine Love, and the Place of Loss and Grief in Christian Life". Two weeks later, Tim Hiller will be presenting a paper titled, "A Crisis for Ethics or Ethics in Crisis? Divine and Human Agency in Karl Barth’s Epistle to the Romans".

Kyle and Tim are both doctoral students at the Divinity School under Kathryn Tanner. Kyle's research focuses on Augustine's trinitarian theology and love, especially from Nicaea to the 12th century, as well as Wesley and modern theology. Tim's research involves human agency and subjectivity in light of various divine attributes.

Usually the papers presented at the Theology Workshop go up online, and you can always find the workshop linked on the right sidebar with my personal information. I'll try to mention it if/when they go up. Tim and Kyle can correct me on any details above... I'd also be happy to put your papers up on clavi non defixi if you're interested in that.


  1. Thanks for the publicity for the workshop. The paper will probably go up sometime tomorrow, which is already today at this point (as soon as I write the conclusion and send it to David).

  2. It's up, by the way. Also, I changed the title to "Twelfth Century Monks, Divine Love, and the Place of Loss and Grief in Christian Life," and apparently there's a theology club pub night afterward.

  3. Thanks, Kyle... I just updated it.