Thursday, January 7, 2010

A few items on journals...

  • The latest issue of the Ecclesiastical Law Journal is out.
  • Something for the theologians to read in the latest issue of JAAR. William Wood has a review essay on the recent wave of books in philosophical theology... "On the New Analytic Theology, or: The Road Less Traveled". UPDATE: The new issue of Faith & Philosophy has an exchange between James K.A. Smith and Bruce Benson on possibilities for the future of continental philosophy of religion that will also be worth reading.


  1. Yeah, that Wood essay could generate some really interesting discussion (someone sent me the pdf a few weeks ago). Bruce Benson and I also have an exchange on "continental philosophy of religion" as a subfield in the new issue of _Faith and Philosophy_, and I thought it'd be cool to have a symposium discussion of these pieces over at

    But I'm guessing it's showing up for me when I click the link because our library has a subscription, which gets back to some issues discussed a few weeks ago about access. I'd hate to be discussing pieces that others couldn't read.

  2. That is the perennial problem, isn't it? Probably half of the links on my blog aren't helpful except as citations for those who aren't connected to an institution. For the bibliographer in me, the citations are an important aspect in themselves, but it's frustrating nonetheless.

    It would be interesting to have a conversation about your F&P exchange alongside Wood's JAAR essay; it's been a ton of fun for me to come into the philosophical crossfire as an ignorant bystander on this blog and learn about what is going on... and it certainly seems that a lot of interesting developments are going on these days.

  3. Oh, yes, just the citations themselves are very valuable.

    I wonder if we approached various journals if they'd be willing to grant select re-publication of pdfs just for such purposes. I guess we won't know til we try!

  4. Anyone have a scan of the Smith and Benson exchange? I expect it would be helpful as my co-editor and I write our introduction to a volume on Continental philosophy of religion.