Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A few items...

  • The first interview in the Woodward Theological Society's inaugural series is up, featuring James K.A. Smith. The WTS website also has more information up than when I previously mentioned it, so do explore the site a bit.
  • The Record (Wheaton's college paper) had an article this past Friday on Chignell's "Whither Wheaton?" essay. It has been posted online, and you can read it here. There are some additional faculty comments that are worth reading, and the slant is certainly more conciliatory towards the administration. Speaking with a co-worker yesterday, I also found out that there has been a push to get names to the board soon; from what I understand we might be hearing an announcement on the new president as early as the next few weeks. In that case, I can't imagine that concerns about Chignell's article causing a conservative backlash are all that serious... probably the article came out too late to cause much of anything with regard to the board's decision.


  1. Evan,

    Thanks for linking to Eisenbrauns new sales; we appreciate it. You might want to change the links, though; they are temporary ones that will expire in about 8 hours. Here are the permanent links:
    Van Gorcum sale - www.eisenbrauns.com/pages/special
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  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I've adjusted the links.

  3. Great resources, Evan - thanks for posting.

    I may weigh in on the continental philosophy of religion article, but I'm not sure at which blog . . .