Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marie-Dominique Chenu, 1895-1990

Today marks the 20th anniversary of M.-D. Chenu's death. The Angelicum has posted an article from today's L'Osservatore Romano in commemoration.

Chenu was one of the many theologians who transformed Catholic thought in the 20th century, who often found himself an enemy of the Index but, by the time of Vatican II, had clearly been vindicated by the fresh air that the Spirit had breathed into the Church. He is most well-known for his studies on Thomas Aquinas and his introduction of historical considerations into what had previously been a rigidly neo-scholastic conception of the Thomist tradition. His study Nature, Man, and Society in the Twelfth Century (translated into English by Jerome Taylor) was also quite influential in the field of medieval studies, and continues to be a classic reference.

Since his death, Chenu's theology has received some substantial treatment, including work by Emmanuel Vangu Vang, Christophe F. Potworowski, and Le Saulchoir, where he taught for some time.

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  1. I love Chenu's stuff. Thanks for reminding us about him.