Monday, February 8, 2010

Session on the Incarnation at Midwest AAR 2010

A while back I mentioned that I'd be interested in putting together a panel for the 2010 Midwest AAR conference. A number of folks responded, and in the end we decided to send in a proposal for a book panel on Kathryn Tanner's Christ the Key. Following some attrition due to schedule problems, Nate Crawford and I ended up submitting a proposal for a two-member panel for the conference.

Amy Carr, the chair of the Theology Section at Midwest AAR, did some great work combining our proposal with a paper from Thomas Bridges, who is a doctoral student at Marquette and contributes to An und für sich. Samuel Chambers of Vanderbilt University will be responding to the three papers. Unfortunately, Tanner will be attending another conference on the weekend in question, so we weren't able to secure her as a respondent.

Here is the schedule for our panel (I don't know about Nathan, but I imagine I'll change my paper title to something more descriptive once I've formed a response to Christ the Key and know better what direction I'll be taking things):

Kathryn Tanner and Mark C. Taylor on the Incarnation
Session 3:4, Saturday, March 27, 10:20-12:15
Chair: Amy Carr, Western Illinois University

Evan Kuehn, Wheaton College and the University of Chicago
A Perspective on Kathryn Tanner’s Christ the Key, Part I

Nathan Crawford, Loyola University-Chicago and Indiana Wesleyan University
A Perspective on Kathryn Tanner’s Christ the Key, Part II

Thomas Bridges, Marquette University
Christology after the Death of God: Incarnation and the Rise of Secularism

Respondent: Samuel Chambers

I imagine that our session will be one of the first conference discussions on Tanner's lectures. The Christian Theology section for AAR 2010 in Atlanta will likely also feature a panel on the book, and more treatments will surely come up over the next year or two. I look forward to meeting the other presenters in person, and I hope that others in the region can attend. If you're interested in doing so, you should order Tanner's book now, as it has just been published and the delivery process is a bit slow (my copy is on the way, or so I'm told). You may also want to check out Mark C. Taylor's After God, although Thomas can correct me if there's a better text to look at in preparation for his paper.

You can find the full schedule for the conference here. Registration is here.


  1. Upon looking at the conference schedule, I should also note that Christopher Atwood is presenting a paper on "Rethinking Jonathan Edwards’s Doctrine of Justification". Chris is a doctoral student here at Wheaton College, and I had the pleasure of meeting him just the other day here at the library.

  2. Evan,

    If people are interested in getting the Tanner text, I found that you received it quicker (although it cost a little more) by ordering it through Cambridge University Press.

    Also, this should be a nice session and, following your lead, I will probably change the title of the paper. In another twist of fate, Thomas and I are also presenting together at Wesleyan Theological Society.

  3. ...and you're both presenting again in the same panel at this conference too! I just noticed- sorry not to have mentioned it. Thomas on Stout and Radical Orthodoxy, Nathan on recent philosophical appropriations of St. Paul.

    Who knew that only one paper made me a lazy conference participant!

  4. ...okay, and Tim Hiller is presenting too. I think I've really, truly looked through the whole program and mentioned everyone that I know. Sorry Tim!

    Tim is presenting on the prospects and perils of Bonhoeffer's environmental theology. Anyone else that I missed can mention themselves and chide me for neglecting them.

  5. The only problem with this is that Thomas is presenting at the wrong conference! ;) I only hope this doesn't take Thomas away from our humble UPPER Midwest AAR conference! In all seriousness, this looks like a great session.

  6. I was sort of bummed after looking at your conference. To begin, you guys always seem to have wonderful sessions. But you also have $5 registration for grad students, where the registration for grad students in our region is $65, same as faculty. That's more expense than yearly AAR dues for grad students.

  7. Well, if you want to come to our conference, you've certainly welcome to stay with me.

  8. I just may skip out for your region in future years.

  9. How did I miss this conversation? Thanks for the promotion (and yes, After God is the main Taylor text I am dealing with). I look forward to meeting Evan, and to my continued fate with Nathan (we will have been in 4 sessions together in the month of March, at two different conferences!)

    Ry: I would have loved to come to the Upper Midwest Section, but it is the same weekend as another conference. Forgive me.