Monday, May 10, 2010

A few items...

  • Studies in Eastern European Thought 62.1 is a special theme issue on "Polish Studies in Russian Religious Philosophy".
  • I've just run across the Cambridge Hegel Translations series, the first volume of which was actually released last August.  New translations of the Science of Logic and the Encyclopedia Logic are set for August and September of this year. 
  •  Some may be familiar with, a social networking site for academia.  It's a bit of an odd thing, and at this point more of a waste of time than a useful resource (although it is an easy place to upload papers), but one development to note is that you are now able to follow journals, which will aggregate newly published articles (as if we don't have enough ways to read news feeds already).  Do continue to stop by clavi non defixi for the highlights, though!

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      1. I noticed back in early 2009 that Terry Pinkard uploaded a PDF of his new translation of Hegel's PhG, which I imagine will in time constitute his contribution to that series (of which he is an editor, I think). At present, it's a wonderful resource, if only for its being a German-English parallel.