Monday, June 14, 2010

Two new European pragmatist journals

While American in origin, pragmatism has always been substantially European as well.  Taking influences from German idealism and psychology and contributing to French thought (and more recently German and Scandinavian), it resists the sort of regional inferiority complex that Americans often develop about their contribution to intellectual life.  The Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy lists a number of research centers in Italy, France, and Scandanavia. Two new journals are also worth adding...

Associaizione Culturale Pragma has started an open access journal, the European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, which will be published twice yearly.  The first issue offers an introductory symposium, and forthcoming issues will focus on themes of "Moral Perfectionsim and Pragmatism" and "Individualism and Community".  For those who are interested, I ran across this journal by way of one of its editors, Roberto Frega, who has an article in the latest issue of Journal of Speculative Philosophy on "Expressive Inquiry and Practical Reasoning".

 The Central European Pragmatist Forum has also started a journal, also open access... Pragmatism Today.  The first issue of the journal has just been published, and seems to focus primarily on Dewey and Rorty.


  1. Richard Horner wrote a good piece on pragmatism some years ago that has served me well.