Friday, July 16, 2010

A few items...

  • Nathan Ihara's recent article in the LA Weekly laments the fact that “We are sold books the same way we are sold cell phones, as if the latest models deserve the most attention” and makes a case for a renewal of attention to older, better books.  Melville House brought the article to my attention, and is a part of the solution in its release of neglected gems.  Duke UP and Princeton UP have also taken the opportunity to mention the importance of publisher backlists.  Here at clavi non defixi I have tried to maintain these sorts of values as well.  
  •  Collectanea Augustiniana is an odd book series-- it has jumped back and forth between various publishers, has a rather spotty online presence, is published rather sporadically, etc.-- but it is worth the difficulty of following.  Newly published in the series is the first part of Frederick Van Fleteren's translation of the classic Life of Augustine, from Louis Sébastien's magisterial Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire ecclésiastique des six premiers siècles.  Sections of the Mémoires were translated into English during the 18th century (I have run across two volumes on Christ and the apostles and a volume on the Arian controversy), and most of the original series is available in fulltext on GoogleBooks (although I cannot find vol.xiii, here or in other digital libraries... please share if you have any information on it!).  There will be two more forthcoming parts of the English version of the Augustine volume, covering the Donatist and Pelagian controversies.  UPDATE: Thanks to Walter Dunphy for pointing out a fulltext version of the original Vie de Saint Augustin
  • More on the Martin Stone plagiarism situation, with some relevant commentary for academic publishing more generally.  Interesting to note, I did a search for Martin Stone because I remembered mentioning him in the past, and his work with John Doyle on Cajetan popped up.  Since that posting, KU Leuven has removed his faculty page, and apparently the Cajetan volume has even been changed.  Cornell UP (distributing for Leuven) has removed Stone as editor and replaced him with Victor Salas.  This strikes me as an odd correction to make... not the retraction of Stone's editorial role, but the addition of Salas.  Perhaps the project wasn't very far along, or Salas did a good bit of editorial work behind the scenes to begin with... but the update still seems odd.

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    1. Through try "Memoires Tillemont" - they give about 3 vols from Google - then go to ALL related works. Around p.3 you should find vol.13 = 1702. The following may work:

      walter dunphy