Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vasileios Syros at the Martin Marty Center

I just noticed that Vasileios Syros has been announced as a senior research fellow at the Martin Marty Center of the Divinity School for 2010-2011.  I took a seminar with Prof. Syros on medieval political thought at the Committee for Social Thought, and a research paper for this seminar was the source of my upcoming article, "Melchizedek as Exemplar for Kingship in Twelfth Century Political Thought".  I've also mentioned Syros here before with regard to a book series that he edits on medieval intellectual history.

Syros's project is tentatively titled, "Jewish Political and Religious Thought at the Intersection of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period: The interaction of the Jewish and Christian political and religious traditions between the Mediterranean and the Alps." He is scheduled to present his work in a symposium on January 27th, which I'm sure I'll mention again closer to the date for those who are interested in attending.

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  1. Please do mention it again come January. I'd definitely catch the train up from SB to hear that.