Friday, October 22, 2010

A few items...

  • has some articles worth reading.  Almut Sh. Bruckstein Coruh writes on the manufacturing of the concept of Jewish-Christian tradition, and in contrast discusses the importance of the Jewish-Islamic tradition.  While I like to think that Jewish-Christian dialogue isn't so much a post-Shoah tradition as she argues, it is certainly important to acknowledge the wider Abrahamic tradition and not merely take the Jewish-Christian relationship as most basic (so far as philosophical and cultural issues are concerned, at least... there are of course reasons for Christian theologians to take the Church's relationship with Israel to be more basic than with Islam, but I take it that this isn't the "Jewish-Christian tradition" with which Bruckstein Coruh is concerned).  There is also another article on Islamic studies in Germany.  I've already mentioned some earlier discussions of these developments.
  •  Also from T&T Clark in the near future, I just found out that the Ecumenical Ecclesiology volume in which I have a chapter will have a paperback edition published in March.  It's still $45, which in my mind is somewhat excessive, but it beats the appalling $130 that the hardback has been going for.  I may have to sell my complimentary hardcopy and buy a paperback so as to pocket the difference.
  • For those in the Chicago area, O'Gara & Wilson, Ltd. has a sale going until the 31st where everything is 25% off.  O'Gara & Wilson is a longstanding used and antiquarian bookseller and worth your time if you are nearby.  I was speaking with Doug Wilson a few weeks ago, and they are (like most independents) in "survival mode", as he put it.  So go buy their books!  They have a good religion section.  The also have a mounted buffalo head and a resident monk that my daughter loves to go and see.

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