Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chicago Events...

A number of good looking events going on at the Divinity and elsewhere on campus this next week:

On Monday, the Early Christian Studies Workshop is hosting Dean Margaret Mitchell, who will be speaking on, "Paul, the Corinthians and the birth of Christian Hermeneutics"

On Tuesday, the Divinity School will host Sonja Luehrmann, who will speak on "Confess, Forget, Remember: The Tainted Past as a Moral Resource in Russian Orthodoxy Anti-Abortion Activism".

At the same time, the Theology Workshop will host Vince Evener, who will speak on “The Eye that Offends Us’: Suffering and the Transformation of Perception in Martin Luther’s Break with the Roman Church”

On Thursday, Vasileios Syros will present his work at the Martin Marty fellowship, "Jewish Political and Religious Thought at the Intersection of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period: The interaction of the Jewish and Christian political and religious traditions between the Mediterranean and the Alps."

 Two conferences will also be going on... Monday & Tuesday feature one on Sufism and Judaism, and Thursday & Friday feature one on Pierre Hadot and Spiritual Exercises.

I think all of these are free and open to the public, but check the events pages to make sure if you aren't a part of the university community.


  1. You're not going to share that you're responding to the Luther paper?

    You do realize you're responding to the Luther paper, right?

  2. I knew that paper title sounded vaguely familiar!