Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chris Donato in Harvard Theological Review

I like to mention when theology bloggers or friends are published, and I even knew this one was coming ahead of time, but somehow I missed it until today.  Sorry Chris.

Chris Donato of the blog Growing Grace-full has an article out in the latest issue of HTR- “Against the Law: Milton's (Anti?) nomianism in De Doctrina Christiana. Following is the abstract:
This essay seeks to put to rest the notion that John Milton was an antinomian, by offering a concise summation of the relevant chapters of De doctrina Christiana that discuss his views on the covenants, the law and the gospel, and Christian liberty. Defining antinomian is a difficult task, as its manifestations throughout history have not been monolithic. During the seventeenth century in England, two kinds, broadly speaking, existed: 1) doctrinal antinomianism; and 2) licentious antinomianism.

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  1. Very kind of you to highlight this, Evan. No worries on getting to it later—it's actually better to spread the attention out!