Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A few items...

  • Heinrich Kuhn notes an odd call by Günter Grass for Hamburg to buy up the Wartburg Institute's library.  Not sure quite what to make of this.
  • Joseph O'Leary responds to Robert Johansen and also offers some more links & context about the controversial new translation of the Roman Missal.  
  • Evangelical Textual Criticism notes two reviews of H.A.G. Houghton's Augustine's Text of John and a response from the author.  You can find my 2010 review of the book here.
  • Josh Furnal has an article out on early view in New Blackfriars: "A Theology of the Table".


    1. dude - this color scheme is ugly - change it back.

    2. I agree with Daniel. Glad I read this on Google reader. But I was going to say, I can't believe Evangelical Textual Criticism didn't mention your review of the book.

    3. The ETC reviews were from a panel of some sort, and go into a bit more depth/criticism than my review, which was a pretty typical 1-2 page journal piece.

      On the colors... I've been switching things around often enough, so I'm sure they'll change again soon.

    4. I like how Braaten said, more or less, that these damn kids need to stop blogging and go read. Priceless. And, in general, too true.

    5. I'll second Anonymous. Braaten's comments were right on the money. Reading some of those blogs is like entering an echo chamber. Everybody is talking to people who all agree with each other, but really don't know what they are talking about to begin with. Not only does it produce bad theology it reinforces people in a sort of feedback loop of bad theology that continues to get worse.