Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nietzsche online at De Gruyter

I will get back to substantive posting at some point, but this link post seemed worth putting up.  Nietzsche resources online are quite extensive... Nietzsche Source already offers the Colli & Montinari critical edition online for free, and there are numerous English translations to be found in open access.

De Gruyter has recently published Nietzsche Online, which is a great database with the critical edition, the Nietzsche-Wörterbuch that will feature online-first updates in the coming years, and related material such as the complete works of Paul Rée as well as secondary literature.  The database is unaffordable except for institutions with pretty deep pockets, but De Gruyter is offering a free 30-day trial access to it.  There is a short registration process to go through, but then you can get into everything.  I don't see any dates attached to the trial access, so I think the access is probably available for 30 days after registering yourself.

When I was fooling around with it last night I thought that Nietzsche Online had scanned manuscripts of the notebooks in addition to transcriptions, but I can't find them any more.  Either I mixed up windows and the manuscripts I was looking at were actually from Nietzsche Source, or there is something wrong with the database today, or I'm simply forgetting how I navigated to the manuscripts.  In any case, Nietzsche Online may or may not provide some manuscript material that is already freely available elsewhere.

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  1. also has several Nietzsche classics as mb4 books.