Saturday, August 13, 2011

A few items...

Posting has died down because we've been busy lately preparing to move, and we'll probably be relatively busy this autumn semester as well.  We're starting as resident heads in an undergraduate dorm at the university, which means our family will be living with the students, managing day-to-day issues, and organizing activities throughout the year for a "house" of about 60 undergraduates.

Here are a few items...

  • The Newberry Library acquired the rare books collection of McCormick Theological Seminary a few years ago, and has just completed a substantial cataloging project on it.  Next Wednesday they'll be hosting a colloquium (free and open to the public) on the new collection.
  • An article from the latest issue of The Journal of Ecclesiastical History looks fascinating-- "Eucharistic Sacrifice, American Polemics, the Oxford Movement and Apostolicae Curae." The authors offer a revisionist account of 19th century theology of the sacrificial priesthood, tracing it from American Episcopal thinkers to the 1841 response of the Catholic archbishop of St. Louis rather than from the Oxford Movement to Apostolicae Curae


    1. the Parker piece looks very interesting! more and more work has been done in the last 10+ years which has shown how the Oxford Movement and Anglo-Catholicism actually had some very deep roots extending back into the eighteenth century; although the Oxford Movement in some ways broke with traditional Anglican orthodoxy, it also preserved many elements.

    2. Bless you in your new housing venture.