Saturday, August 27, 2011

nuts, bolts, & the blogroll

The other day when Ben was transitioning Faith & Theology over to its new location, I was irked to find his blogroll with recent post updates temporarily missing.  Realizing how much I refer to this list as a sort of secondary Google Reader, I decided to change my own blogroll to the same format for the benefit of readers.  I may end up splitting it into multiple lists in order to distinguish theology blogs from other disciplines or aspects of academic research, but for now it's just the same blogroll in a different format.

Something seems to be wrong, though.  My tip-off was that the prolific Jason Goroncy has, according to my sidebar, not posted anything in the last four years.  I've tried deleting and re-entering Per Crucem ad Lucem, but it still shows up at the bottom of the blog list.  My apologies to Jason and anyone else whose blog is failing to update.  Hopefully the issue will figure itself out (because I don't have confidence in figuring it out myself!).

In addition to the changes at F&T, do note that Davey Henreckson has moved from Theopolitical to Reforming Virtue.  Also, Ave Maria University has saved  Finally, Paul J. Griffiths's site does not seem to exist.  Does anyone know whether there is a technical problem or he just decided to end it all of a sudden?


  1. Hi Evan. The reason that that 4-year-old post is showing up as is because Google's software does something weird whenever you update an old post - it sends the update through to readers etc as a new post. It'll sort itself out next time I post something. Cheers.

  2. utter ignorance of simple explanations like that is yet another reason why I will always remain a "" rather than simply a ".com"... and why I will continue to be stumped be future problems with similarly straightforward explanations. Glad to hear it will fix itself, though!

  3. I've been using my blogroll as my own personal reading list that way for a while. It's not just a way for me to recommend fellow theobloggers to my readers -- set up like this, it keeps me in the loop! (And makes sure I actually stop by my own blog, and maybe write something on a regular basis.) Hope it works as well for you. (And thanks for including me on it!)

  4. I checked with Paul: he has taken down his blog site.