Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pro Communione is out!

I just found out today that Wipf & Stock has published Pro Communione: Theological Essays on the Anglican Covenant. This long-awaited volume of essays is the first book-length treatment of the final Covenant text, and includes essays from a number of scholars inside and outside of the Anglican Communion.

My contribution to Pro Communione is a chapter on "The Anglican Covenant and Anglicanorum Coetibus," where I discuss the ecumenical implications of both documents, especially as they pertain to Anglican churches not currently in communion with Canterbury. The nearly simultaneous publication of these two important ecclesiastical documents in late 2009 provides a unique opportunity to consider the ecumenical future of the churches at a critical point in its development.

Pro Communione is available from Wipf & Stock; you can also follow any forthcoming news about it on its facebook page.

Many thanks to Benjamin Guyer, who did so much work as the editor of this volume. While you're ordering Pro Communione, you should also order a copy of Ben's recently published The Beauty of Holiness: The Caroline Divines and their Writings, and read his recent article in The Living Church on canon law.

Thanks also to Tony Hunt and Katie Silcox, who gave valuable suggestions on previous drafts of my chapter.

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