Monday, July 9, 2012

A few items...

  • Gerhard Müller has been named the new prefect of the CDF. Müller is a close friend of the pope, and the editor of his collected works. With the move of William Levada out of this position, it will be interesting to see if the CDF's work moves away from its recent Anglophone focus (from former Anglicans to American nuns) and on to matters that are more relevant to continental Europe.
  • This is oldish news by now, but a number of homilies by Origen previously unknown in the Greek have been discovered and digitized. 
  • Lionel Deimel has been commenting extensively on the progress of Covenant-related resolutions at the ongoing TEC General Convention. All of the resolutions related to adoption or rejection of the Anglican Covenant are still "awaiting committee action" at the General Convention, but two resolutions have been passed on for voting. B005, originally proposed by Ian Douglas, has been completely rewritten to speak much less explicitly about TEC commitment to the "Covenant process" without the specifics mentioned by Douglas concerning particular aspects of the Covenant text. B008, originally proposed by Tobias Haller, has been significantly shortened, and expresses TEC commitment to the Indaba process.

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