Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bibliographic Acquisitions...

The library had another used book sale the other week, and I was able to get a hold of some decent old books.

Johann Binder, Commentatio de Politia Veteris Urbis Romae, Göttingen: 1791
(note the preface by Heyne)

Johann Gehler, de Prima Foetus Respiratione, 1773

Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg, Elementa Logices Aristoteleae, 1862
Johann Heinrich Gottlobs von Justi, Grundsätze der Policeywissenschaft, Göttingen, 1782

...and the prize purchase of the book sale, a first edition of Lessing's Eine Duplik (1778)

Again, I got all of these for a dollar or less each - it's amazing what's being discarded. As you can tell, not all of these books are in great shape, but my approach has been to not worry too much about the quality of the binding. My real concern is that the pages themselves are intact, and all of these books are in good shape on that count. The Lessing volume hasn't even had pages cut yet, so it's still quite unused. I'm beginning to accumulate a decent little bunch of 18th century texts, and often these are in just as good or better condition than later books, because of relative lack of previous use, paper quality, etc.


  1. With all these used book sales your library has I hope you're keeping an eye out for me...

  2. I try to, but it would help if you send me an email of classic works that you don't have. I often see something that I think may be good for you, but I'm not sure if you'd need it. Nothing this old tends to come up in economics, though, nor in American history. And when I see, say, something by Keynes, I'm less sure about what you already have.

    I do often text you from these sales with questions, too - if you'd ever be responsive to your cell phone you might be less likely to miss out!

    1. I haven't gotten a book text from you for a while - last time was months ago.

      The only old book of Keynes's that I have is Economic Consequences of the Peace (a first edition of that one). Otherwise, it's just cheap paperback.