Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The past year has been devoted primarily to preparation for my doctoral qualifying exams, which I passed a week and a half ago. I took exams in Ancient/Medieval Christian Thought, Early Modern Christian Thought, Modern Religious Thought, and Hermeneutics, which ended up being a helpfully broad spread of material. For those who have exams in the future, I'd personally recommend this sort of approach rather than choosing to take an exam on a very particular topic or a single thinker. The point of qualifying exams is to demonstrate competency for future teaching, and there are plenty of other opportunities to tackle a more specific book list. Knowing the general outlines of a wider intellectual conversation will also better prepare you for diving in deeper wherever you may choose to do so down the road.

The weekend after exams I'm happy to say that our son Becket was baptized, on a Pentecost weekend retreat for a new Anglican church plant that we're a part of. During the weekend we also christened the church, so to speak, by discerning a name for it - Immanuel Anglican Church.

At the moment I'm just trying to read as much as possible so that I can put together a viable proposal for a dissertation over the summer, and also trying to move forward some article projects that have taken a back seat over the past year. My work centers mainly around questions of historical consciousness and theological work, especially as the problem was raised in the late 19th and early 20th century in historicist, neo-Kantian, and other traditions. I'm also interested in some problems of political theology around the same time. Personal projects, on the other hand, have centered more around Schleiermacher, Kant, Augustine, and 19th century German Protestant theology (not all at once!).

Also, some news for the blog: I think I will be closing it up. The announcement of Google Reader's demise was what led me to reconsider the option of ending Non Defixi, but I also obviously haven't been posting here as much since beginning the doctoral program three years ago. The end of courses and exams seems to be a good breaking point, so I thought that a more static personal site would be a better option. I'm working on a WordPress site because I suspect I'll feel like blogging again soon enough, but I'm going to minimize that aspect of the site to a feed on a sidebar. You can take a look at the site at evankuehn.wordpress.com.


  1. Well done!

    I assume the archives here will be moved over to the new site?

  2. I haven't decided what to do with them - actually I was considering just deleting them, although I obviously haven't gotten around to bothering with it thus far. The new site will be more static and I keep telling myself it's a bad idea to start blogging again over there, but I may start something new; likely it would be more strictly links to interesting publications and research, which is where I've headed with this blog over the years anyway.

  3. Hmmm. Perhaps you could cull the most "static" (useful-to-posterity) posts from the past and move them over then?